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Give Yourself The Gift Of A Pain Free Body In The Comfort Of Your Home 

Join me to learn exactly how you can start relieving your chronic pains without surgeries, countless doctor visits, or supplements, while in your own home

Live A Pain Free Life!

Give Your Body The Chance To Heal Itself

Heal Your Chronic Pains!

What's Chronic Pain Self Healing?

Chronic Pain Self Healing is a step by step online course (full outline below) that shows & guides you exactly how you can heal your body of chronic pains.

it includes 14 video modules taught by renown yoga therapist Dayna Culwell. Each lesson has a downloadable guide you can follow whenever and wherever.

Who Is This For?

This course was created for individuals of any level who have faced both physical and emotional pain due to chronic pains.

This is a step by step guide to healing your own body and regaining control of your life.

Each module was designed to heal & strengthen you from head to toe so that you can live your life to the fullest, while pain free.

How Will Our Online Course Transform Your Life?

In my online course I am inviting you into my own studio to train with me through a series of video modules created specifically to put a stop to your chronic pains. This online course will give your body the ultimate chance of healing itself and restoring the life you deserve.

I will guide you every step along the journey so that you can put a stop to the physical and emotional pain that has been hindering your happiness for years!

YOU NEED guidance, advice, and education that you can trust to make you pain free and in our FREE video training, we will give you just that!

Give Yourself The Greatest Gift Possible - A PAIN FREE BODY


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14 Video Modules Specifically Created To Deliver A Pain Free Body

Slumped Shoulders

 Learn a short series to strengthen your upper traps and open your pectoral muscles in order to improve a kyphotic posture (overly rounded shoulders)

Scoliosis: Stop Your Curve From Worsening 

Learn to strengthen the side of a scoliosis curve and open the compressed side. Learn to breathe into tight muscles and rebalance the body for better balance and less nerve pain.

Fit But Way Too Tight 

This sequence helps you be more fluid and recover more quickly from your activities. Lubricate your joints and lengthen tight muscles.

Back Surgery Recovery

This sequence stretches the muscles that surround a back injury.  Strengthen spinal muscles without damaging the site of injury, for a faster recovery.

Hip Healing

This sequence starts with exercises to lubricate the hip joint, to reduce friction.  Learn how to rebalance hips and pelvis for better alignment and gate.

Baby Steps To Better Balance

Learn a sequence that strengthens the muscle groups needed for better stability.  Learn to use specific tools that help you safely practice standing on one leg.

Knee Replacement Rejuvenation

This sequence helps you lubricate the knee joint and strengthen all the muscles needed to create stability and support for the knee.

Juicy Joints

Work through each synovial joint in the body to create less friction in movement.  Learn how your internal pharmacy can help reduce pain and friction through this daily practice.

Ankle & Feet Fun

Learn to Stretch and strengthen your foundation for better stability and less injury to the knees and hips.  Increase awareness of how your stance and gait can make or break your body’s physical functioning.

Neck Nurturing

This relaxing sequence embodies breath awareness and slow movements to lessen tension. Learn why a stronger upper back reduces neck pain.

Shoulder Savers

Learn to respect this most unstable joint. Increase ROM through carefully selected exercises designed to release tight shoulder girdle muscles and unfreeze sticky scar tissue.

Psoas "So What"

 Learn where this muscle lies, how it serves you, how sitting constricts the psoas, and how you can lengthen it again.

Pelvic Floor Fun

Learn why squeezing and tightening can hinder the ability of the PF to function properly.  This sequence will help you overcome constipation and reduce an overactive bladder.

Seated Posture Yoga Class

Enjoy this surprising powerful yoga class, all done on a chair. Great for office workers, vacationers, and those needing the support of a walker or cane for balance. This not your grandma’s seated yoga!

How Has This Transformed Peoples Lives?


Transform Your Life By Giving Your Body The Chance To Heal Itself In 2020!

Let's Heal Your Chronic Pains!

Join Today & Receive:

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Step By Step Video Modules

14 Video Modules, taught by renown Yoga Therapist Dayna Culwell. Each video was created so you could easily follow along and track progress.

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Actionable Game Plan

Every video modules comes with a downloadable PDF so that you can always progress wherever and whenever.

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Learn Anywhere & Anytime

In your home, at work, on vacation, and everywhere in-between, as long as you have a mobile device, tablet, or laptop, you will have access to your course.

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Accountability & Direction

Have questions? I'm always here for you. Wether you need support, accountability, or direction, you have access to me so I can further assist you!

Chronic Pain Self Healing


Over $1000 In Value & Bonuses

  • 14 Video Modules
  • 14 Downloadable Guides 
  • Video Training #1: Relieving Chronic Knee Pain 
  • Video Training #2: Relieving Chronic Hip Pain
  • Video Training #3: Relieving Chronic Back Pain 
  • Bonus E-Book #1: Finding Your Unique Postural Archetype
  • Bonus E-Book #2: Managing Pain With Scoliosis 

  • Direct Access To Dayna Culwell
Start Becoming Pain Free Today!

Meet Your New Instructor: Dayna Culwell

Dayna Culwell is very familiar with chronic pain because she lives with scoliosis and disc degeneration. After decades in pharmaceutical sales, only yoga brought her to a path of healing, without the help of drugs or surgery.  Dayna received the highest possible certification within the yoga community in order to help men and women who may suffer scoliosis like her, or some other type of back pain.  

She is certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, with over 1,000 hours of formal training.  She continues to study neurology, posture, and movement therapy in order to help her clients find relief of back pain in her yoga Lakeway studio.  Dayna and her husband Bill live in the Lake Travis area and are very active in the local community.  

Dayna sings and plays guitar at the Emmaus Catholic Church and is involved with the Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce.  When not helping others with pain, she enjoys running with her dog, sailing, and water skiing on Lake Travis.  She has lived in the Austin area for 30 years, and was raised in Corpus Christi, TX along with her sister Debra Watson, a professional blues singer, and her 3 brothers.

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